What we will cover

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    Practical Skills in Implementing a digital transform strategy.
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    Understand how to harness the power of disruptive technologies.
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    Using Technology To Brand Yourself in a Digital Age.
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    How to Create & Deliver Value Amidst a Fast Paced Digital World.
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    How to Leverage Technology to Scale your Business.
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What they say about me

I worked with Rafael for over 15 months, and in that time he helped me gain the right technical vision. Always insightful, a great mentor and a good sense of humor, I'm lucky to have worked with Rafael!

Ionutz Orian
Ionutz Orian Product Designer

Rafael is a creative mentor and a strategic planner who lives at the intersection between business and technology. Those that he leads, thrive while working with him. They feel both encouraged and challenged to grow and become leaders of their own.

Aviva Barrish
Aviva Barrish Director of Job development

Rafael has a unique ability to see ahead of the curve at emerging technologies and pick the ones that shape our world tomorrow. While many people are busy with the latest and the greatest Rafael is the one leading the way with the future.

Dovid Bender
Dovid Bender Chief Engineer

Rafael has always been my go to guy. His profound knowledge, good reasoning, problem solving skills and willingness to help have made him a great mentor for me and others.

Isabelle Mrizek
Isabelle Mrizek Product Designer