I am Rafael Huisman

Helping solve problems and creating breakthroughs is how I can bring my passion to life. Meshing technology and business strategy allowed me to ascend from just being a technologists, to being a thought leader.

As your tech consultant, I will be here to ensure you have the right information at hand to make technology & strategy decisions for your business.

Whether you are dealing with 3rd party vendors, technology consultants, outsourcing a website or mobile app, you will be confident in knowing you have someone on your side.

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Specializations, how we can help you

So you can focus on your business.

Planning & Strategizing

Developing digital system sounds often more simple that it really is. And when you get the price tag, the system ended up often, more complex than it should be.

I help you navigate the do's and don'ts of the tech world.

User Experience

When you make a sale, in person, you know to use the right presentation to close the deal.

With a digital presence, this translates to having the right User Experience.

Let's make your businesses User Experience the best it can be.

Measure twice, code once.

We all know the saying: Measure twice, cut once.

Building Web or Mobile Applications, there are often complexities that are hard to foresee initially, resulting in wasted time and resources.

With our crystal clear approach to helping you build your projects, we will navigate the technology maze together with you, making the right decisions up front.

Case studies

With many years of experience, let me tell you how I help those under my wing.

What others say about me

Ionutz Oroian
Product Designer at Overpass

Rafael is one of those persons that challenges you in order to excel at what you do best. I worked with Rafael for over 15 months, and in that time he helped me gain the right technical vision to be able to design the best user experience for our platform. He helped build growth and team spirit by improving communications in our global team. Always insightful, a great mentor and a good sense of humor, I'm lucky to have worked with Rafael!

Aviva Barrish
Director of Job Development at Professional Career Services

Rafael is a creative mentor and a strategic planner who lives at the intersection between business and technology. Using his high level of emotional intelligence, sharp technical understanding, and clear communication skills, he is able to build well-reputed teams that are focus driven, motivated, and empowered to succeed. Those that he leads, thrive while working with him. They feel both encouraged and challenged to grow and become leaders of their own.

James M.
James M.

Rafael was a pleasure to work with. As a Software Engineer at Overpass, I felt his earnest enthusiasm for technology and problem solving was inspirational. He has a broad and deep knowledge of web, VoIP, and hardware technologies. He understands modern best practices and values finding the right tools and design for the job at hand. As a manager he is patient, reasonable, and easy to talk to. He manages local and remote developer teams capably with respectful and clear communication, while continuing to foster the cohesive comradery at Overpass.

Yehuda Freilich
CEO at Outsourcing to Israel | ExclusivelyRemote CEO | Hire Remote Top Talent: Software, IT Support & Customer Service

It is a real pleasure working with Rafael and Overpass. They always strive for the best, making no compromises. Their team is professional and I definitely see them as the leaders in their field in the near future.

Joseph Syverson
Junior Dev-Ops Engineer at Overpass

When I arrived at Overpass, it was Rafael who I looked to for direction. I still do. Rafael is cool headed but persistent. In such a busy company, he doesn't miss a beat. His eyes are also always turned outward, to current developments in technology and what may lie around the bend. Anything that can make our product or team dynamic better. I'm very fortunate to work with him.

Angelle Leger
Technical Writer

Rafael also helps to foster a collaborative, friendly, open work environment where team members are encouraged to work together to achieve company goals. I enjoy working with him.

Calin Botea
Technical Manager at 3Pillar Global Romania

Rafael is one of the most intelligent and tech savvy persons I have worked with. Besides his excellent technical knowledge, he also invests a lot of time in refining his soft skills and constantly trying to learn what are the aspects he can improve. What is unusual is that he has a real interest and spends considerable time in growing and motivating everyone around him, starting with peers and all the way to newly joined interns and junior team members. Although he has an incredible technical mind, his priority of putting people first, and doing this with integrity and patience, makes him a true inspiration. It was a privilege working with him on building Overpass.com.

Avraham David Gelbfish
Master of Tech Innovation

Rafael is good at what he does, and both a great leader and manager. He understands the tech he works with, is super understandable in his direction, and is clear in what he wants. Working with him has been a real pleasure.

Dovid Bender
Chief Engineer at The Flat Planet Phone Company Inc.

Rafael has a unique ability to see ahead of the curve at emerging technologies and pick the ones that shape our world tomorrow. While many people are busy with the latest and the greatest Refael is the one leading the way with the future.

Chaim Furst
Developing Solutions

Having worked with Rafael on several projects I can attest to his exceptional skills, expertise and wide-ranging knowledge on every aspect in software development. highly recommended!

Nuchem Fried
Financial Matchmaker at Power Forward Group

It is always a pleasure to work together with Rafael, who is an efficient technologist and a great strategist. He is very thorough in everything he does and can be depended upon to get the job done.

Rafael is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. He learns quickly and looking forward to working with Rafael again in the near future.

Deep Narsay
Senior VOIP Engineer at Overpass, AWS SAA, AWS SOA

Rafael is an intelligent and knowledgeable CTO with exceptional leadership qualities. I'm impressed with his deep understanding of various technologies ranging from Front-End stacks to VOIP platforms. He is always accessible, and welcoming while attending to the team member's ideas and concerns. I feel lucky to be a part of Rafael's team that has built an amazing product at Overpass, and I am honored to give him my highest recommendation.

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